May 16, 2016

Part 2

Some of Julie’s recent facebook updates.

I am a warrior and I will FIGHT! Mind, body, and soul!

Well good morning all. It’s another beautiful sunny day out. I'm off to have blood work done before the 2nd big FIGHT and KILL day tomorrow. I am starting to shed this morning lol. Pretty soon I think I will be hairless. Oh well, I just know that it is the CURE. Looking forward to my visits today. Have a great day everyone. Xo

Fought and killed. Haha. I got this! I feel energized and pumped. Going to relax and enjoy the rest of the evening. 

Good afternoon all. Not feeling very energetic today. I'm going to listen to my body today and get lots of rest. Although I hate to waste a beautiful day, I know that rest and taking care of me is the best thing. Have a great day everyone.
Howdy all! Just getting myself worked up for the day. Got a few things going on including losing that stupid birch tree in the back yard. Feeling a little more energetic today. Enjoy your Friday everyone.