May 16, 2016

REVIEW | The Dixie Swim Club

There's something very special about the Dunnville Community Theatre (DCT). The group once presented shows from the Optimists Club, located near the downtown area. Now DCT productions are coming to us from the Dunnville Hunter's & Angler's Club located in the middle of nowhere and yet they're still packing the house with top notch live entertainment.

The Dixie Swim Club was this spring's production. The show revolves around the lives of 5 ladies who first met when they swam on the Dixie Swim Club in North Carolina. Throughout their lives the 5 girls gather at a cottage that overlooks the Atlantic ocean.  And at every gathering, at least one of them has a major shocker to reveal, resulting in moments we literally laughed out loud, we're talking very loud, laugh out louds.

At other times our heartstrings were pulled as the gals, now in their golden years, deal with the often bitter realities of aging.

Making it all work were actors Pat Morris, Candace Stern, Julie Turner, Diane Morris and Judy Wenjina. They lit up the stage (well "technically" Ritchie Carnes is the guy who kept the lights lit and phone effects ringing.) LOL.

The play was directed by Nancy Erskine and produced by Linda Young. The Dixie Swim Club was written by Jesse Jones, Nicholas Hope and Jamie Wooten, collectively known as Jones Hope Wooten, whose works have been enjoyed around the world.

Scribbles was at the Fri. May 13th show, my neighbour/friend Deanna Gilligan was the driver. Deanna and I have enjoyed several DCT productions together, a trend I'd love to see continue for a long, long matter where the community theatre group is performing from.

"Speaking for us all....we had a wonderful time, and the audience enjoying it, that was the honey on the biscuit. Thanks for your wonderful review, Ken."
~ Candace Stern

"Awesome Ken, thanks so much... always a joy to see you at the performances, so glad you could come!"
~Diane Morris

"Thanks Ken, wondeful pictures and review....and always a pleasure to see you and Deanna Gilligan. 
Much love to both of you. XO"
~Nancy Erskine

"Thanks so much Ken Leavoy, so glad you came to see us at Dunnville Community Theatre"
~Pat Morris