May 6, 2013

When I stayed at my mother's house a few weeks ago, I had a daily friend Suzi Squirrel. YES, you HAVE seen her on Scribbles before, but she gets even more friendly in the new video clip below.

When I asked my mom the other day how Suzi was, her first reply was "Who's Suzi?"  

Guess that answered my question as to whether or not the little squirrel has been around much since I left.  I do have to remember that Suzi came around whenever I was hanging around outside having my morning coffee and also peeked in through the screen door whenever the main door was open.

Mom doesn't keep that door open most of the time, nor does she spend a lot of time sitting outside, so that would explain why she hasn't seen Suzi, although mom did say she has put peanuts out and seen "squirrels" eat them, so I'm thinking Suzi girl is doing ok.

Here's what she was like when I stayed at my mom's.