Dec 10, 2013


The Nosey Note

Our friend Jodi Quinlan posted the notes seen above on her facebook page.

Jodi and her husband Matt have two daughters, Morghyn age 5 and Molli age 2 (looking adorable in their matching outfits in the pix above)

Recently little Molli stuck a bean up her nose and her big sister Morghyn wrote about it at school.

Jodi explains what Morghyn was trying to say in her notes: "By Morghyn. Molli stuck a bean up her nose. Bean been put in the garbage (not to be confused with "go bitch" her way of spelling it")

Jodi added " I guess this masterpiece was not appropriate to display in the class." 

LOL, well it may not have been appropriate for class, but it's perfect for Scribbles. Thanks for letting us share it.