Jan 9, 2024

COMICS | [14+]

The weather is somewhat dreary and sunshine has been missing in action... Kinda makes some of us feel "blah".
Here's a collection of new comics to wake up our funny bones. 
(Some of these are NOT recommended for kids.)

and here's a few "holiday leftover" comics...


Q: What is pigskin used for most?
A: To hold pigs together.

Q: What it the record for most innings played in a major league baseball game?
A: 26

Mother: How did you do on your first day of school?
Son: Not so well. I have to go back tomorrow.

Teacher: Mary,  name two pronouns.
Mary: Who, me?
Teacher: Correct

There are two times in a man's life when he should not speculate. 
When he can't afford to and when he can.