Jan 13, 2016

YOU | Wigglin' & Welcomin' 1975 with the King of Rock

There's just some concerts that are as memorable now as they were when we were actually there. I have a "tops" list that includes The Stones, Aerosmith, GnR, Madonna, Tim McGraw, Cher & Alanis Morissette.

Others I'm sure have checklists of their own are my cousins. Cathy Dick and hubby Ernie have attended many concerts. But on New Year's Eve 1975, it was Cathy and her sister (and our silly pal) Jeanne, who had a moment many of us can only ever dream of.

Cathy posted the photos above on facebook recently and wrote; :"DO YOU REMEMBER WHERE YOU WERE 40 YEARS AGO?? Well, on New Year's Eve 1975, my sister Jeanne & I were at ELVIS PRESLEY'S ROCK BACK THE CLOCK Concert In Pontiac, Michigan."

An excited Cathy then added, "It took me 40 years, but I finally found a recording of that concert for Jeanne, the best sister ever. 

Happy New Year Everyone!"

WOW CATHY, WHAT A WICKED MEMORY, THE KING HIMSELF...AND ON NEW YEAR'S EVE NO LESS.... IT'S HARD TO BEAT THAT (even when  I was once so close to Aerosmith frontman Steve Tyler I could see the jewels in his rings)