Feb 11, 2022

RECIPE | Meatloaf by Ken Konkle

My mom’s neighbour Ken cooks up some tasty dishes, which he often shares with mom, who in turn shares with me. His meatloaf is amazing. I liked it so much I asked him for the recipe, so I could share it with you. 


-      1 lb lean ground beef

-      ½ package Club House Meatloaf mix

-      1 whole egg

-      ½ onion (chopped)

-      3 slices white bread

-      ½ cup ketchup



-      Mix ingredients together

-      Form in baking pan (leave ridge/valley around top to prevent runover)

-      Spread a tablespoon ketchup on top of formed meatloaf

-       Bake at 300 F for 90 minutes

-       Drain grease

-      Continue baking at 300 F for another hour

-      Increase heat to 350 F for one hour

-      Let stand about 30 minutes

-      Remove any grease

-      Turn upside down on plate

-      Cuts better the second day