May 9, 2022


We started in early April and throughout the month offered up 4 rounds for our friends to play to earn more chances at our prizes. Now the results are revealed. And we are about to tell you who won our prize packages.

But there's a bit more to our video than that. 

We also take time to reveal a little about each person who entered. Sure we'll tell you their names and how many tokens they collected, but we also share photos and details about how it is each person knows me.

We have a special guest joining Mr. Sock and I for the draws. We often ask my mom or sisters, but since they are all contestants in our sweepstakes, we needed someone else to pick the winning tokens. 

Even if you didn't enter the contest, we hope you take time to check out our video. We worked hard to add stuff that would be entertaining for ALL our Scribbles pals.

Now here's our Super Spring Sweepstakes Results...