Sep 24, 2013

Classic Interview

A Little Bit of Mariah

Back in the late 80's & early 90's Scribbles kept busy creating not one but two publications. In addition to Scribbles Magazine, we produced Gusto's Grapevine (GV).  Gusto's was Niagara's #1 LGBT bar and dining lounge at the time and GV acted primarily as a guide and review of events held in and around the club.

In one edition of GV, we interviewed Johnathon Crawford, renown for performing as "Mariah" and who had also worked with Garden City Productions and other groups. Here's some excerpts from that interview.

We asked Johnathon what inspired him to become involved with drag. "It's a challenge, I think the ultimate challenge for an actor is to impersonate the opposite sex believeably", said Johnathon.

When asked if he had a preference in acting roles, Crawford told GV "I really love dramatic, serious numbers but being a larger person the comedy numbers come across better.  Unless it's a powerful statement like when I do 'I am what I am' because it's a song that has conviction that I believe in, I can make it very theatrically dramatic which is different than just lip synching."

"Performing is my love...I've never made a living out of it because it's competitive and I'm not a competitive person," Johnathon shared.  "I enjoy it but when something you love becomes your living or work, it sometimes loses its enjoyment".

When we asked what his favourite performance had been at that time, Johnathon told us "The double number 'A little bit of Mascara' speaks of a performer who sorta has an out of body experience every time he performs.  By putting on a little bit of mascara and an outfit, all the terrible things in the world disappear. You create joy, laughter and sorrow, it's all at your fingertips."

Johnathon spoke of his involvement with GCP (he was currently doing 'Sugar Babies' at the time of our interview.)  "I'd like to see myself putting together more shows and working with charities and the community" he said  and which he later did plenty of.

When speaking of getting involved with one's community, Johnathon told Scribbles "It's very fulfilling".

He added, "Don't sit in the background complaining that something should be done. Get your buns up front and do something for your community and you".

Here's a look at one of Gusto's fundraising events. Click on pix to view larger version.