Jan 9, 2015

YOU | Creating That "One-on-One" Atmosphere

Dale Betts can't use traffic jams or bad weather as reasons not to be able to go to work, now that he has opened a hair salon in his home. This change comes after Dale spent almost 3 decades working at a local salon, which makes it even more exciting to see our pal finally branch out on his own.

Scribbles had a chance to catch up with Dale [between setting up shop and booking appointments]  for an exclusive online interview.

SCRIBBLES: "How long have you been a stylist?"

DALE:  "I started cutting hair in my late teens, my mother used to cut our hair at home as kids, then my sister went to hairdressing school and would practice on me, so I think I picked up a lot interest back then, then I started working in a salon about 29 years ago!"

SCRIBBLES: "What inspired you to start your own home business?"

DALE: "Cutting hair for almost 30years brought me to a point where I wanted to take my vision of hair design in my own direction. I want to create a "on on one" atmosphere with my clients, where we can actually have a visit as well as a service."

SCRIBBLES: "What do you think will make your home salon different than others?"

DALE: "I don't aspire to be different than any other salon, I just want to create a comfortable pleasant experience when my client gets a nessessary service like hair cutting, and hair coloring."

SCRIBBLES: "Will you be working alone or will you also have other stylists or shampoo-ers etc.?"

DALE: "I will be working alone to create that "one on one" atmosphere."

Thanks for taking the time for this interview Dale. Scribbles is thrilled that you have a new home salon and we just know you're going to do great.

My friendship with Dale has a rather unique beginning to it, but for the sake of privacy, we'll just say... Dale was friends with Ginny Eckert, who I met when I worked at William J's. Ginny worked in the kitchen and Dale would come to pick her up after her shift.  Dale and I were roommates for a while and then so were Ginny and I. Some of our Scribbles Connections are very different, this one probably tops the list.