Apr 25, 2016


Purple Reign...Remembering Prince

He stood only 5’2” tall, but to millions around the world, Prince was a giant.

His love of music started when he was just a kid, penning his first song at age 7, but it would be 1979 before the world first took notice of this rising star, with the release of singles such as “Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad” and “I Wanna Be Your Lover”. His popularity continued to grow with the release of the albums ‘Dirty Minds’ (1980) ‘Controversy’ (1981) and ‘1999’ (1982) but it was 1984’s ‘Purple Rain’ album that would make him a household name.

The movie ‘Purple Rain’ (loosely based upon his past) spotlighted his acting abilities and won him an Academy Award for Best Original Song Score. The album by the same name produced such chart-topping hits as ’When Doves Cry’, ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ and of course the title track, ‘Purple Rain’ which eerily was the last song he performed live in an Atlanta concert about a week before he died.  

Prince’s talent went far beyond singing. He wrote songs for his own use and for other artists (including “Nothing Compares 2 U” by Sinead O’Connor and the Bangles mega-hit “Manic Monday”.)  He played multiple instruments including the piano and was considered the best guitarist on the planet by many in the industry, including Eric Clapton.

His androgynous sense of style may have had some pondering his sexuality but that didn’t bother Prince, who was married twice and was romantically linked with several actresses, models and musicians.

He didn’t just excel at song writing, singing and playing instruments, he set the stage ablaze with his mega-energetic dance moves.  Fans got more than their money’s worth when attending a Prince concert.

Although his fame and wealth meant he could live just about any place his heart desired, Prince remained in Minneapolis, where he was born and raised. He created Paisley Park, a massive structure that acted as his home, recording studio and concert hall. It was the place many fans gathered upon hearing of his sudden passing on Thurs. April 21 at age 57.

Family and friends gathered on Sat. April 23 for a private service where they said goodbye to the artist and a memorial for his fans is being planned. 

The top ten songs currently on itunes are all Prince songs, he tops the Billboard chart, Bruce Springstein opened a recent concert with the song 'Purple Rain' and the movie is being played at theatres across the U.S. 

Rest in peace Prince and thank you for all you lovingly did for so very many.

What Scribbles Friends Said About the Death of Prince

“It touches our mortality it reaches out and grabs our youth, it takes what we cherish and hold in such high regard and minimizes it to dust, to a memory. Let that memory be your strength. In times of sadness, or joy, I find great relief, in reading the works of the poet Kahlil Gibran. "The Prophet". Feel your feelings. It's a gift that's been given to us” 
~Candace Stern

“i was teaching my music class when i found out. i just froze with chills for like 3 minutes in front of them. they don't know who he is and [although i wasn’t a big fan]  i KNOW his legacy. OMG. prince. :'(  “ 
~Rene Rowland

“It's awful. The other thing I think about is how he mentored young musicians. We saw one of his proteges, Sheila E. drum with Ringo Starr and the All Starr Band and she was absolutely amazing. He was a brilliant talent. So sad.” 
~Judy Wenjina

“He was an incredibly talented man, far even beyond his own understanding.” 
~Candace Stern

“i'm upset that Prince has died” 
~Jane Storie

“We are roughly the same weight and height and we share the same birth date. I was teased relentlessly about being small growing up and I always looked up to Prince thinking I was OK seeing he seemed so cool and talented. Sounds silly I know.....really shocked by his passing. So many legendary artists passing this year. RIP Prince 
~Bobby Rock

“Losing Prince is affecting me too. I just want to watch YouTube and cry, instead I am making classes watch videos and explaining his genius to teenagers.” 
~Julia Dickson-Eckert

“I'm shocked!!! Another gone way too soon.”
~Pam Saltzberry 

How Ken Reacted

This is one of those “what were you doing when you heard the news” moments.  I was channel surfing, stopping briefly to catch a poorly acted scene on a soap opera, when they interrupted the show with a news bulletin announcing that Prince had died.

It shook me to the core and I immediately started to cry, something I would continue to do throughout the day as Buffalo NY radio station WBLK played nothing but Prince songs for the entire afternoon.

Always one who is incapable of reacting like “normal” people might, I of course overreacted. I downloaded his videos and put together a CD of my favourite Prince hits. I made a Prince fridge magnet and painted “R.I.P. Prince” on my front window, along with purple raindrops. I made Prince my computer wallpaper and I continued watching TV coverage and listening to Prince songs until 3 am, when exhaustion got the best of me and I finally fell asleep.

The next two days weren’t much better. I turned off my phone, put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on my door (yep, I seriously did), cried until there were no tears left to shed, refused to eat and couldn’t stop thinking that sometimes life is truly f’d up.

Yet another example of just how emotionally over-the-top I can often be and although I have been told to embrace my ability to have such profound feelings, I will always look at this as one of my many quirky flaws. 

Fans React to Prince's Death
Prince fans at an all night dance tribute to the iconic star. 
Fans line the streets to pay tribute to Prince
A fan mourns at one of many Prince memorial sites. 
A rainbow is seen above Paisley Park, Prince's home.