Apr 8, 2016

KIDS | Fired Up Over Johnny Reid

We’ve featured stories about our pal Dylan and his fascination with singer Johnny Reid, in the past, but this time around we’ve got an actual interview with the super fan.

Some might consider age 9 quite young to be into Johnny Reid’s music, but as Dylan reveals, he was even younger when he first started listening to the popular singer.

“I was about 3 [years old when I first started listening to Johnny Reid], because I would drive with Grandma and she played Johnny Reid all the time and I got to know all the songs”, Dylan told Scribbles through our new Ottawa Valley reporter, Cathy Dick.

Now that he knew all of Reid’s songs, it only made sense that Dylan should see him in concert. 

Accompanied by his grandparents and mom Erin, Dylan took in his first Johnny Reid concert in 2012.  At his second concert Dylan went to in 2013, he not only saw Johnny in concert, he also met him in person, something his Grandma has also done....get this....THREE TIMES!

“He is super friendly” Dylan told Scribbles, when we asked him what he likes about Johnny.  “When I met him in December 2014, he asked me what I wanted for Christmas and he told me Star Wars Lego was really cool.”

Late last Fall, Dylan’s grandparents got tickets to see Johnny in concert in Kingston on March 24th,.

As in the past, Dylan was among the many who entered their names for an opportunity to go meet Johnny.

“Grandma entered my name back in November 2015 and I only found out ONE DAY, before the concert [that I would meet him again]” Dylan exclaimed.

And just what was discussed at their latest meet and greet? Dylan told us “This time he asked me what sports I liked to play and what video games I liked. Like me, he likes to play Minecraft.”

“He also told me that I reminded him of his son, Dylan. He also wears glasses, just like me”, Dylan said.

When asked what his favourite Johnny Reid song is, Dylan exclaimed, “Fire it Up,  because at the concert I like it whenever the flames shoot up, when he’s sings it.”

Being a fan of anyone of course means you have to collect their stuff and Dylan is no exception.

“I have two t-shirts, a hat, 2 necklaces, 3 CD’s, and pictures,” Dylan said proudly, when we asked him what stuff he had. “My favourite is the autograph picture that Johnny gave me at the start of his concert in Kingston”, he added.

We posed a question to Dylan. If he were to be in Johnny Reid’s band, what would he be doing.

“I would play guitar:” Dylan told us. “I actually got one for Christmas and my mom is teaching me to play”

Dylan’s Grandma told us that they had an extraordinary experience to remember the concert by.

“We were sitting, right near the stage. Near the end of the concert Johnny came over to us, jumped over the boards so, now he is standing right in front of Dylan,” Grandma squealed in delight. “He shakes his hand and says "How are you doing Dylan?" We were so excited”

WOW! I’ve been to my share of concerts and no one called me by name, so this is very exciting indeed.

Where will Dylan and Johnny Reid meet up next?  Stay tuned Scribbles friends.