Apr 20, 2016

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Mind, BODY, and Soul! 

Her name is Julie Tripp, but to those who know her she’s simply ‘Tripper’. Julie may have grown up in St. Catharines (where she lives today), but over the years she’s resided in much bigger cities including Toronto and San Francisco [insert jealous sigh here.]

Scribbles met Julie through mutual friends. Tripper is besties with Heather MacNeil and her husband Doug and often spends time with them at their trailer at a local campground.

Julie, 47, has a 20 year old son Robert and they live with her mother Barb, 69, and their mischievous blue charpe, Lucy.

Recently Julie was diagnosed with cancer.

“My mother...has been an angel throughout this process. She is the strongest lady I know and that’s where I get it”, Julie told Scribbles.

Tripper is determined to beat this insidious disease and wants to share her story with others.

"I think [sharing my story on Scribbles] is an awesome idea to give love, hope and support to others", explained Julie.

“For a year I had a cough that I could not get diagnosed or rid of." said Julie, "Finally a CT scan on March 27 revealed a large mass on right lung and smaller masses on left. I also have fluid around the heart. I have advanced stage 4 palliative cancer. They say no cure but treatable and can't remove tumor. I will be having chemotherapy to reduce the size and keep quality of life with potential 10 yrs.”

“I refuse to believe this and truly believe that I will beat this and end up cancer free. I have had a few brushes with death already including surviving an addiction 15 years ago. I will fight to the bitter end with positive attitude and strong family and friend support. I have the most amazing people in my life.”

Julie is also sharing this experience with her facebook friends and has given us permission to reprint her posts on Scribbles...

February 7, 2016

It hurts to breathe...

March 24, 2016

So, I'm sitting at home trying to relax and take deep breaths. Can't over exert myself. The thought of having lung cancer is scary but I am one of the toughest chicks I know. LMAO. I also have the toughest family and friends I know. I will keep everyone posted when I start treatment. So, this is the first stage of the journey...PREPARATION, mind, body and soul.

March 31, 2016

I must say, I have over the years, surrounded myself with obvious good people. I feel truly blessed to have you all around me supporting me. I have the best family and friends a girl could ask for! Xo

April 19, 2016

Ok, Phase 1 done. I am home now feeling energized and pumped. I have completed my first round of Chemotherapy and I am glad the fight has started. Thank you all for the enormous amount of support and strength that you have all shown me. I felt it all while the treatment was running. xoxo

More ‘Julie’s Journal’ when posts are made available for reposting.