Dec 13, 2014

REVIEW | GCP's White Christmas

If you needed help getting into the holiday spirit, Garden City Productions [GCP] presentation of White Christmas [Nov. 14 - 30] was an ideal place to start. 

Directed and choreographed by Wendy Leard, White Christmas follows the misadventures of veterans Bob Wallace and Phil Davis, who headline a song and dance act  during the end of World War II.  The duo fall in love with two beautiful singing sisters, en route to their Christmas show at a lodge in Vermont^.  But will the show go on?  We find out through music and humour.

There were many familiar faces amongst the cast of White Christmas, who have performed in many of GCP's previous productions. 

Scribbles pal Dean Christopher starred as Bob Wallace where his extensive singing and dancing experience shined brightly.

I shared with Christopher, that he managed to do something only two other performers in live productions had done before......make me cry. Let me clarify that by "cry" I'm not talking about hysterical loud disruptive sobbing, I'm talking about a growing lump in the throat and then discreetly wiping away tears that are rolling down your cheeks....that kind of "crying".

That poignant moment occurred when Dean (as Bob) was singing to young showgirl wannabee Susan (portrayed by Holly Farquharson). The song was "Count your blessings instead of sheep" and something about the scene got to me and brought tears to my eyes (pretty much all happy tears, so it's all good.)

GCP performs two productions per year at the Mandeville Theatre, located at Ridley College in St Catharines and never cease to amaze and please their audiences.  With tickets priced around the $30 range, you can enjoy a top-notch live play without breaking the bank, something else that devote GCP theatre-goers also appreciate.

Thanks goes to my mother for the ticket to see the play, to GCP for another stellar performance and thanks also to Dean for making me moisten my contact lenses. LOL!

^Line from synopsis section of White Christmas programme.