Oct 27, 2013

Scribbles Video

Little Angel JJ

As I fondly remember my cat J.R. who left us last Oct 24th, I have created a new video featuring my new kitten JJ.  He is getting bigger -a good sign, considering he was a sick kitty when I adopted him and it was several weeks before he started feeling better and eating more.

Of course, with his improved health and appetite comes increased energy and curiosity. I don't recall J.R. being quite as mischievous as JJ but maybe that's because it was over 12 years ago since I had a little kitten roaming around my home.

The fun part is adapting them to be a big lovable suck, just as I did with J.R and prior to him Emerson (who was also a gray tabby.) The not-so-fun element would be their ability to get into anything and everything. To a kitten 4 months of age, everything is a toy or worthy of investigating and JJ has sometimes had to squirted with water from my plant mister or get a time out when even that proves ineffective.

For better or worse, I love the little guy and he has added great joy to my life.

Enjoy this new video.