Oct 30, 2013

In Memoriam

Rosie the Lovable "Rascal"

Our deepest sympathy to Tony and Bev St Louis on the loss of their dog Rosie. Although Rosie was apparently not very photogenic and as a result there are few pictures of her, what there are plenty of is memories.

Tony and Bev told Scribbles, "Rosie was a shih tzu cross. We got her from the Lincoln County Humane Society [LCHS] exactly 3 years & 1 month ago. [Our daughter-in-law] Julia spotted her on the LCHS [website] page on a Sunday night. She called us and we were at the Humane Society at 9:15am Monday morning."

A rare pix of Rosie with her "mommy" Bev
We spent time with her and when I asked her if she wanted to come home with us, she jumped on my lap and licked my face.. I think she said YES! We had to wait over a week to bring her home - she had to be spade.

Our vet in St Catharines said she didn't know why such a "sweet" dog had not been claimed by her owner. She thought Rosie was close to 10 years old.

Rosie loved the car, which was a blessing when we went back & forth [from Niagara] to Winnipeg. Our last trip when we were moving to Manitoba, we stayed in a motel in Iron Bridge, ON.

It was pouring rain & we didn't want to go any further. We got our room & went for supper at the attached restaurant. [We] came back to our room and there was Rosie, standing in the middle of the round [dining] table..

Apparently she had done a similar thing at my friend Marie's, where she stayed when we were away. Marie came home to find Rosie standing in the middle of her dining room table, looking out the window. Rascal!!"

Bev, Tony, I am truly sorry for your loss. Although we don't know what Rosie's life was like before she adopted you as her new parents, we most certainly know she had a wonderful life from that day on.  I believe Rosie has joined our other departed furry friends in Pet Heaven, where she is telling them all about her adventures with the two of you, the countless travel miles and how amusing it was to plant herself on dining room tables.