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From Hand-Drawn Magazine to the World Wide Web,
Scribbles Has Come a Long Way Baby

Let's face it, the Scribbles you are reading here is a far cry from the Scribbles you would have been reading in 1979, when we debuted on Labour Day weekend.

In our initial years, we were a single-copy hand drawn magazine in digest format. Created initially for my sister Jane and going by numerous titles, most notably, Sunny Digest, the one-of-a-kind magazines soon became popular with family and friends, who would take turns reading each new issue.

In 1990, Scribbles went from being a single copy magazine to a "multi-copied" one. Well, maybe "multi" is a bit exaggerated. We initially started with 16 copies, distributed to family and friends. It was an instant hit.

By 1994 we were up to 60 copies and in September of that year celebrated our 15th Anniversary with our largest issue ever. It also took the most time ever to put together.

As enjoyable as it was to create, Scribbles it also became increasingly more expensive and time consuming to put together on a regular basis and hard copy magazines ended in 1996.

After a brief hiatus, Scribbles resurrected online in the format of a newsletter, sent to 30 pals.

There have been many features that have kept us popular over the years, including reader's stories & photos, jokes, contests,links, events listings & more.

Whether you are discovering Scribbles for the first time of have been around for the ride for many years (or even from day one!) we welcome you to our special group.

Ken Leavoy
Scribbles Editor

SCRIBBLES VIDEO | Scribbles Past is a Sunny Blast


Here's some highlights of past scribbles pages featuring photos and stories about you and your adventures.

Full Page Archives

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Memorable Events

A Tribute to the New Vouz (4 pages)

Shada Black's Farewell new Vouz Show (3 pages)

"Rich Bride, Poor Bride" scribbles stars Judy & Jonny:

Talk Wireless Particpates in Radiothon 2010 (2 pages)

Ken's Redesigned Apartment (3 pages)

Christmas Celebrations 2009 (4 pages)

scribbles Winter Games (4 pages)

Timmi enjoys a Snow Day

Best of "All About You"

Feb. 2009 -Joan's Zebra Party/ Visiting the Telecom Gals/more (2 pages)

Oct 2007 - Beatlemania at Wine Festival/ Jack the Lap Dog/Bob's new wheels (2 pages)

Sept 2009 - Birthday Fun/ Winger on the Rocks/ Animal turns 50/ Megan's First Gay Bar Visit/ more  (4 pages)

Apr 2007 -Rasmus Reads/ A Big Win for Laura & Cathy/more (2 pages)

Jun 2008 -Grace's New Home/ "Linking" with Judy & Stacie/Baby Boy for Bryan (3 pages)

Nov 2007 -Marsha in England/ Dave & Chris go East/ Rogers Launch Party/ more (4 pages)

Nov 2008 -Introducing "Peanut" William/ Rob's new car

Sept 2008 -Judy & Jonny Wed/ Jeremy Pops the Question/ Grape & Wine Fun/more (4 pages)

Travel/ Outdoors

Becky & pals Visit Cuba (2 pages)

Graham & Uncle Ken's Day at the Beach (2 pages)

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Megan & Pals Road Trip to Florida (2 pages)

Megan & Jeanne Invade Niagara
Ken & Jeff in the Bahamas (5 pages)

Classic Renfrew Photos (3 pages)

Rob & I visit Renfrew 2010 (5 pages)

My "Trip" to Turkey Point (3 pages)
My visit to Ottawa  (2 Pages)

Visiting Newfoundland with Doug & his Boys (4 pages)

Bonjour!  I visit Quebec with scribbles friend Mario (3 pages)

The Beauty of P.E.I. (3 pages)

We love St John's Conservation Park  (5 pages)