Hey Boo Boo,
They're going to announce the winner
of scribbles anniversary contest...

I wonder who it will be??

We hid a tiny Yogi Bear and Magilla Gorilla on our home page.
We asked you to find them for a chance to win our Anniversary Contest.

Yogi was hanging out with the Village People
 while Magilla got up close with Country star Tim McGraw.

For an extra chance at our prizes we asked you to tell us what Yogi Bear steals and
what Magilla Gorilla eats lots of. The aswers were pic-i-nic baskets and bananas.

Our contestants in this contest were:

Kim Papple, Nancy Erskine , Jane Storie, Pat Fenerty, Dale Betts,
Pam Hopkins, Christine Mantej, Mikol Zarhochak and Merry Proulx.

And our winner is:

Nancy Erskine
Dunnville, ON

Congratulations Nancy,
You will receive:

Magilla Gorilla DVD and Collectors Toy, Yogi Bear DVD and Collectors Toy,
scribbles memories CD and The Best of scribbles Video Clips DVD.

Thanks for participating,
 Halloween contest soon

Winners, Winners,

Throughout the years scribbles has no shortage of great contests.
 In fact, some readers tell us, the contests are their favourite feature of scribbles.

Here's a look at some recent contests and the happy scribbles pals who won them.

Although we made a typo along the way, our smart readers figured out what our scrambled text message was:


The following scribbles pals entered our contest: Joanne Bonadies, Kim Papple, Ginger Blythin, Gary Cremier, Merry Proulx, Jackie Hughes, Megan Fox, Alejandro Montemayor, Juzy Quiring, Christine Mantej, Michael Colyn, Dale Betts, Tricia Dickie, Scott Johnson, George Fichna, Tammie Holditch, Kitsa Statti, Jane Storie, Bob Miller, Angela Whiteley and Dave Webber.

A special thank you to Angela Whiteley for being the first to alert me of my typo in our scrambled message. I was wondering why no one had entered. Scribbles is not the BEET website...LOL -again, my apologies gang and again to Angela -you're the BEET!

Scribbles pal Christine Mantej poses with our prize package.

Click on Christine to view larger version of our prizes

and in our random draw
the winner of this contest is:

 Niagara Falls ON  

Congratulations Scott!

Your prize package is filled
with awesome accessories for your phone including:
-Jabra Vent Clip for your vehicle
-Jewelled Carrying Case
-Purple Carrying Pouch with strap
-Red Shoe Phone Holder
-Two packages of Jewels
-Sticky Pad (holds your phone and other items on dash or desk)
-Mobile Phone Dash Mount
-Soft Cloth Screen Cleaner

and our Bonus Prize:
-$10 Walmart Gift Card

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Reader's Photo Contest 2008 ( 2 pages)

Follow the Yellow Brick Road Contest (2 pages)

American Idol Contest

Desperate Housewives Contest

k.d. lang Contest

Readers Choice Photo Contest 2010 (5 pages)

The Simpsons Contest

"Forever Michael" Contest

Yum Yum!
Get Cooking with these Classic Readers Recipes
(2 pages)

Joan Storie's Family Favourites

If you missed out on receiving you printable version of my mom's cookbook, it's never too late to get a copy. Simply email scribbles with your request and we will forward it to you.
What a delicious deal!

Classic Scribbles Comics 
(4 pages)

Scribbles Covers

We've had many looks over the years, how many of these past editions do you remember?

Click on the images to view larger version of covers

"GV" Gustos Grapevine was a newsletter for clients of Gustos Lounge,
one of St Catharines' most popular GLBT clubs.

Our very first EVER edition of scribbles was called Quiz Book
and soon became Sunny Digest, before later adopting the
title of scribbles.

"Here's Hollywood" was one of my first attempts
at creating magazines -circa early 70's.

"Recipees" was a hand-drawn recipe magazine
I used to make for my Grandma in 1975.

And here's a few covers from Troll Scroll
-a company newsletter I created while working at Troll Book Clubs

And check out these cool covers from
-a magazine my little sister Jane
(who was like 10 at the time) made for ME!!

Thanks for being a part of scribbles
 for over 31 years