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Cat "Talks" Back to His Owner
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"OH MY, Thank you so much!
My hungry children are driving me nuts!"

"YES, YES, I get it, 'Tag you're it'...
Now Get Off Me you fool"

"How many more fairs are we in?

I'll be licking all night to get this smell off me"

"The TV ad is true..
It Really is Softer!"

"Alright...which one of you
didn't go to the washroom before we left home? 

"I told you, STOP WORRYING...
...They're going to blame the dog,
now get over here and start tearing" 

"Man, this is the life, eh fellas?"

"Geesh...they spend all that money on this fancy car,
but none for a doggy seat." 

"This was definitely

"I'll teach them not to include me in their bridal party" 

"What's all the fuss about up there?
Can't you see I'm taking a bath?"

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Cat "Talks" Back to Owner

Readers Pets

Spotlight on:

He's a big boy with a great sense of adventure and his name is Hunter. Hunter is Welland residents Patti Proulx & her kids Joanna and Derek's kitty. He likes to eat and despite a new diet is still a large cat. Hunter is very outgoing and always greets me whenever I come over (even when its a long time between visits). He loves to play with the kids and even gets along with my fickle dog Timmi. 

Two paws up for our big orange're a very special kitty Hunter and we love you.

The Two Faces of Lily

What a difference a haircut can make. Just look at our Toronto friend Jody Edwards puppy pal Lily. Before her new do she was looking a little like an Ewok. But afterwards she's transformed into a little angel.

Great pix "Mommy" Edwards, she'd make a great partner for my Timmi, if he was into girls -that is. (Like father, like son...LOL)

Be sure to click on the pix of Lily to see full screen versions

Timmi's 6th Birthday

When it comes to the "cute factor", my mom and I's dog Timmi has it going on. Officially, Timmi lives at my place but was once my mom's dog. These days we have "joint custody" and each week Timmi spends several days enjoying "sleep-overs at Nana's place".

To commemorate his 6th birthday on Aug. 17th, we had a little dinner party -ok, actually it was mom & I enjoying dinner with the added bonus of gifts and extra attention for Timmi. What an adorable birthday boy our little pal made.

My Best Friend J.R. turns 10

It was love at first sight, when I laid eyes on this adorable little kitten almost 10 years ago. J.R. was one of several kittens at a local pet store looking for a home. When I approached the cage, there was a lady and her son also seeking a new kitten. They picked up this one, cuddled another one, but seemed totally perplexed as to which one to bring home.

I glanced at the fluffy little furballs, observed their behaviour and was taken in by one little guy, who was sitting alone IN the food dish. I picked him up, looked into his eyes and immediately connected-he was the one for me.

"How did you do that?", the confused lady asked.

"I just knew" was my reply.

J.R.'s full name is John-Ross Ewing-Leavoy and he turned 10 on Sept 10th.

Although I have had pets to share my home with since I was a kid,  I can honestly say none have been quite like my beloved J.R.

Archived Pets Collection (formerly Precious Pets)

Our friend Precious passed away Feb 18/11. Read more about her at top of this page