Oct 7, 2015

REVIEW | Hold Mommy's Cigarette

Shelley Marshall's one woman show 'Hold Mommy's Cigarette' is a raw, emotional and often funny look at the artist's life.

Actually, calling it a one woman show, doesn't seem right, for not only does Shelley portray herself at various stages in her life she also plays her grandmother and often has you feeling like her entire family is on stage.

Shelley battled with depression for many years and attempted suicide and her father committed suicide. Two things I immediately connected with since they both happened to me as well.

'Hold Mommy's Cigarette' reveals how Marshall turned things around,  From the depths of depression, she has become a renown stage performer whose plays have won her awards and accolades across Canada. What truly makes Shelley happy is creating a more open dialogue and understanding of mental illness and she has worked with many groups.

I literally laughed out loud several times during the show and I cried when I hugged Shelley after the show.

I'm so glad our friend Nancy Erskine brought the show to my attention and to Deanna Gilligan who I went to the play with.


Shelley returns to The Dunnville Hunter's & Anglers Club House on Sat. Oct. 24 with 'Shelley Marshall presents The Full Bawdy Comedy Show'