Feb 21, 2017

REVIEW | The Tea Party: Transmission Tour

There’s always been two things I’ve loved about The Tea Party. First and foremost, there’s handsome lead singer Jeff Martin, whose looks, vocals and musical talents are awe inspiring. Then there’s the group’s unique sound. It’s hard to slap a label on what type of music the Tea Party perform, when it includes so many instruments and vast sounds (including rock, blues and Eastern influences.) 

The band kicked off a 28 city tour at the Performing Arts Centre on Feb.3. They performed all the songs from their 1997 album ‘Transmission’. After a 20 minute intermission, Jeff and fellow band members Jeff Burrows & Stuart Chatwood returned for a set of their hits that included the mega successful tune ‘Heaven Coming Down’.

There was plenty of interaction between Jeff Martin and the crowd, including him light-heartedly telling us when to stand and when to sit. One enthusiastic front row fan even asked Jeff if he could stand up, when the band began a new song, much to Martin’s amusement.

Of all the acts I’ve seen at the Performing Arts Centre, the Tea Party is the one to beat, when it comes to putting on a remarkable and memorable show.