Nov 5, 2023

scribbles VIDEO | Scribbles Friends Halloween 2023 Slideshow

This video takes us through Halloween as enjoyed by many of our Scribbles friends...myself included this year.

We start at our Fort Erie friends Rodney & Heather's Halloween party, where everyone had a blast and we took lots of pix.

Then we feature lots of our Scribbles pals in costumes and decorating their homes with jack-o-lanterns as found on your Facebook pages.
Next up our favourite DJ Rock "N" Ray was thrilled to have so many people dress up as him for Halloween this year.

We wrap things up with Halloween night, where Scribbles ventured to Doug & Heather's place to help out with trick or treaters. They had an impressive display of decorations out front, and we get a bird's eye view of it all. There's no narration on this video, just funky music as we present the pix and clips.