AFTER our Tim McGraw Concert Review

  Tim McGraw Concert Review:  

"We Liked Him, We Loved Him,
We Wanted More of Him"

While watching the American Idol finale this May, I became mesmerized when Country Superstar Tim McGraw took to the stage, singing a duet of his mega hit “Live Like You Were Dying” with Idol winner Scotty McCreery. Throughout the 3 or 4 minutes McGraw was performing, my endorphins kicked into overdrive and all my back pain seemed to disappear.

Knowing I would soon be attending Tim’s concert on June 27th, I wondered if seeing him live would have the same “pain-free” affect on me. Sadly the answer would be a resounding “NO”. Midway through his “Emotional Traffic Tour”, my back and neck were killing me and even popping the pain killers I had brought with me didn’t help.

But nothing or nobody was going to stop me from enjoying Tim McGraw. There had already been last minute changes. My work pal Connie Bering who was originally set to join me for this event at Copps Coliseum in Hamilton, was unable to attend. After days of seeking out someone to take her seat, I was thrilled when my friend Becky Lee was able to join me at the last minute. This was not the first time Becky and I were “concert companions”, we had attended several rockin’ shows in the past, including Gun n’ Roses and Aerosmith, but this was to be our first Country concert together, a genre of music Becky is not a major fan of.

The show began promptly at 7pm with opening acts The Band Perry and Country newbie Luke Bryan warming up the crowd, before McGraw began performing shortly before 9pm. The room went wild as Tim surprised everyone by first appearing through a side entrance way. Surrounded by security as he high-fived and fist-bumped delighted fans, he maneuvered his way through the crowd and up to one of many catwalks. These trailing ramps were situated throughout the floor seating area eventually leading to the main stage where Tim’s band The Dancehall Doctors played up a storm. It was obvious at this point, we were all in for a great show.

Wearing a gray t-shirt, tight and torn blue jeans and his trademark black cowboy hat, McGraw opened with "Something Like That" and with scarcely a moment to catch his breath continued with “Where the "Green Grass Grows”. It was at this point that Becky turned to me and asked “Am I the only one in the room that doesn’t know the words to these songs?” “You are” I laughed, as I joined the masses singing along to our favourite McGraw chart toppers including “Down on the Farm”, “Last Dollar (Fly Away)”, “Red Ragtop”, “Unbroken” and “Please Remember Me” (one of my personal faves, that brought tears to my eyes when I heard it).

Opening acts The Band Perry joined McGraw for “Can’t Be Really Gone” and later Luke Bryan hammed it up with Tim for an upbeat version of “Back When”.

Included amongst the 23 songs he performed throughout the 2 hour concert were selections from his forthcoming album “Emotional Traffic” and two cover selections. Most notably “Sail On”, the pop hit made famous by Lionel Ritchie, which the crowd loved as they swayed their lighters in the air as he sang.

After wrapping up with a cover of David Allan Coe’s “The Ride”, McGraw and his band thanked the crowd and said their goodbyes. As the room erupted in applause and loud cheers, Tim and the boys returned for their encore which included, “Live Like You Were Dying” (where I again burst into tears of joy), “Indian Outlaw” and their final number, “I Like It, I Love It”.

My ears were ringing and my neck and back were throbbing as Becky and I eventually found our way back to her car and made our way home, reminiscing about the show and our past concert adventures.

Even with all the neck and back pain I was feeling, I’d do it again in a Country minute. Why? Well as Tim McGraw says in one of his many hits, “I guess that’s just the cowboy in me”.


I'm Beside Myself With Excitement...

Above and to the left, it's me wearing the t-shirt I got at the Tim McGraw/Faith Hill "Soul to Soul" Tour and to the right, complete with black cowboy hat, me again wearing my new t-shirt from Tim's "Emotional Traffic Tour" on June 27th. And what's that beneath me and me? My collection of Tim McGraw CD's.

Yes ma'am, I reckon I'm a major McGraw fan!

TIM MCGRAW CONCERT REVIEW PHOTO CREDITS: Concert crowd shots: Ken Leavoy; Tim McGraw close-up insets: Ken McCoy and Mike Carroll; Tim McGraw with fans: Ken McCoy; Me standing beside Tim McGraw sign: Becky Lee; Me standing beside myself (wearing concert t-shirts): Joan Storie; Tim McGraw CD collection: Ken Leavoy. Tim McGraw Teddy Bear: Tim McGraw official website. Tim McGraw Back View (below): Ken McCoy.

"Wishful thinking"

He may be a bit thinner than we had hoped,
but his "ass-sets" were still worth a second look.



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As a 12-year-old, Michael Grimm was escorted by his Grandma to the local southern Mississippi bars where he would perform the songs of George Jones, Travis Tritt and other Country artists. Grimm was writing music and playing guitar as a 15-year-old and signing a recording contract at 16. One album was cut, [but Christian Country was not popular at the time]... He returned home only to have his high school sweetheart leave him.

Grimm spent the next two years in Mississippi, heartbroken and drinking in bars. “I learned what heartache was for the first time in my life, and that’s when I got turned on to Otis Redding and Aretha Franklin.” Says Grimm... “I went through a transition and became a soul singer, which happened so naturally I really didn’t see it coming.” In the years since, Grimm’s tastes have evolved from Country music to Southern Soul – while moving from the swamps of Mississippi to the deserts of Las Vegas.

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Twenty-Two and Holding...
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Lambert's debut album "For Your Entertainment" has garnered worldwide attention and produced three hot adult contempory hits: "For Your Entertainment", "Whataya Want From Me" and the current chart-topper "If I Had You". 

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All Alanis Night Hits High Notes

When it comes to Alanis Morissette, I've been a major fan since her edgy debut in the mid 90's with "Jagged Little Pill", an album that sold millions of copies and won the songstress a mittful of Grammy & Juno Awards. I've got every album she's recorded since and although "You Outta Know" none were as commercially successful as "Pill" they remained popular on my CD player for many years.

There's only one other person I could think of who shares my passion for Everything Alanis, and that's my sister Jane Storie. Known to belt out many an Alanis tune at Karaoke Nights, she loves the good, the bad and the obscure songs of Ms. Morissette.

With this in mind, I concocted an idea...let's host an All-Alanis Night, featuring non-stop songs and videos of our legendary singer. Now anyone can throw a few CD's on the player and sing along to what they hear, but when it's a scribbles creation, things have to be a little more 'over the top'.

Throughout the day I posted messages to Jane as if it were Alanis Tweeting us with her whereabouts, as she "flew in" to be here later in the evening. I had Alanis slideshows playing on my TV, pc, digital photo frame and laptop. A framed Alanis pix graced the dining room table and Alanis cut-outs graced the "concert area" (usually known as my living room). We even had V.I.P. passes that we wore all night, as there was a sign posted in my hallway that entrance to this event was restricted to V.I.P.'s only. Hell, even Timmi had his own pint-sized pass.

Cocktails flowed and CD's and videos were played, in a pre-arranged set list, as we sang along to all our favourites. The evening closed with Alanis singing (appropriately enough) "Thank U", before she left the building to board her plane back home. Being "with child", Morissette drank water and juice throughout the 3 1/2 hour performance.

"Thank U" for attending Jane, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Oh what one can do with a little imagination and creativity.

To see a full screen version of our Alanis Night collage, click pix above

Up Close with the Stars

Scribbles pals meet celebrities and here's the proof:

Kerri Fortier met Shemar Moore (Criminal Minds) when he was in St Catharines at a local club. He even flashed his fans a little flesh...DAMN, wish I had of been there.

Jacquie Henderson not only met Country star Charlie Daniels, severla years ago, she also performed on his Talent Round-up Show.

Jody Edwards is the biggest Bon Jovi fan around (she even has the band's name tattooed on her leg. She met Jon Bon Jovi at one of the countless concerts she's attended over the years.
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Our long-lost pal Paul Whitley snapped this pix of Goldie Hawn when she was in BC filming "Bird on a Wire" with then rational star Mel Gibson.

These days Rick Campanelli is a co-anchor on ET Canada, but we'll always remember him as "Rick the Temp". Here's my partner Rob Dennis when he met Rick back in the day he was a VJ on MuchMusic. I was "all excited to meet him" Rob recalls and we would be too.

My niece Erin Papple and her classmates met Interior Designer Debbie Travis while on a school trip to Toronto.

Jessica Wilson met Dan Ackroyd at a book signing last year.

Joan Storie was all smiles when she met country artist Rompin' Ronnie Hawkins.

Our pal Kathy O'Flaherty's daughter Krista and her friend met Canadian stars and politicians at the Juno Awards. Here they are with NDP leader Jack Layton, gossip Queen Perez Hilton and Canadian Idol Melissa O'Neil.

It was magical when Kevin MacNeil and Amanda Bergma met illusionists Penn andTeller in Vegas.

Mike Wing is all buddy-buddy with Canadian rocker Sam Roberts and Wayne Gretsky's dad Walter

And I was thrilled to not only meet the infamous Chrissy Snow at the New Vouz.