Feb 28, 2016


I am at a loss for words. 
Such a sweet guy, such a terrible loss. 
Such an insidious disease.

Rest in peace Sammy. 



Brett Woods Remembers His Pal Sammy

"11 yrs ago or more I met you and Normand Lecompte at Rendezvous. You were friendly, funny and so much fun. When ever we would run into each other at Rendezvous you would always say hi and chat....hell we would dance on that dance floor from the time we all got there to the time the last call was called...Then Rendezvous closed.

I would then run into you at Envy Lounge and again we would always chat and Catch up on each others lives....hell we would again dance the night away till closing...then that closed.

I would then run into you at house parties and other social gatherings and again it was like old times...chatting laughing and some how dancing....oh the fun we all had.

Then you surprised me when I ran into you at my place of work and it was your first day on the job at ESM..again it was like time never changed....laughing, chatting and sharing new stories about our lives...it was priceless! 

Sadly you had left ESM. it was not the same without you.

Then we would catch up on FB...sharing stories and catching up on our lives....again always a pleasure.

Then the news....that sad news...that damn F' CANCER!!! The fight....the bravery...the courage...the determination...the hope...the prayers...the love and support from those who loved you!

Then the news we all were shocked to hear...the end...the loss...the tears...the anger...the shock...you are gone...a battle lost.

Now....we share memories...stories...pictures...and once again we smile...we laugh...we cry...the love!!!

Thx you Sammy for running into my life....i/we thx you for touching our lives and giving us so much laughter and many great memories. We love you...and always will until will till we meet again.

Now spread those wings and Fly...dance...laugh and smile like you always do and be that angel that you are!The heavens are extremely lucky to have you. RIP our friend. Xoxoxo"

Written by Brett Woods Feb. 28, 2016 - the day after Sam Martin passed away.

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Obituary for Sam Martin