Jan 16, 2023


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I'm an avid fan of TV game shows, and after watching a sickening amount of them online lately, I was compelled to come up with a game show for Scribbles. I call it Midway (stylized as "miD | Way") and the concept is fairly easy to pick up on.

What wasn't so easy was putting it all together. That's not a complaint. I chose to do this and I enjoyed the challenges I faced, or more accurately, challenges I created...LOL. There's all the bells and whistles associated with a genuine TV game show. Moving graphics (created using lots of individual images) gaming sound effects, a theme song jingle, a colourful host and lots of (pretend) prizes, Midway has ALL of these.

You're cordially invited to play Midway. You'll need paper and pen or pencil to write down your answers to our 10 questions. We suggest you choose a time when you can devote 12 minutes to playing a fun little game.

Our wild and crazy pal Klyde joins the fun popping up throughout the game and presenting the (pretend) prizes when the game is completed.

We even have a few brief ads "midway" through the show. These are also exclusive to Scribbles and almost as entertaining as the game itself....almost. And as an added cherry on the top... We have a few new bloopers that reveal it often takes me several attempts to properly read the game info I wrote. There's no furniture breaking in this collection of flubs, but there's still a few chuckle-worthy moments to take in.

Without further ado, grab your paper and pen, sit back and play Midway.