Jun 12, 2024

Message posted to Facebook Jun. 10, 2024

It's been exactly one month since I injured myself. A bit more mobile & less pain now.
Still doing chiropractor appointments and stretching exercises. Still use a cane to help me a bit, still hurts to stand in one spot and stairs are definitely still not my besties, but at least I can go up and down them on my feet instead of my ass (like I had to do the first week or so).

I hate that I missed out on Niagara Pride Week events and other events I was invited to, but such is life.
I was able to put in a tiny easy-to-manage garden, which makes me smile (and stuff is growing too!!) and Scribbles is back...which always makes me happy.
Today I am going to my mom's. First visit in a month. Usually go there every Sunday. Drove her car last night (also first time in a month).
So things are slowly returning to normal.
Thanks for your continued support, friendship and love for Scribbles & Mr. Sock. It all means a lot to me xoxo