Apr 22, 2013

photo courtesy Dawn Logan Bende
Their Dream Wedding

Currently on honeymoon, Rhonda Janzen-King posted a message on facebook thanking her family and friends for joining her and her new wife Sharon at their wedding.

"Our ceremony yesterday was everything I dreamed it would be." said Rhonda.

No truer words have every been spoken. Rhonda and Sharon's wedding was everything we all dreamt it would be and a real example of the power of love.

Rhonda and Sharon were married on Friday, April 19th at Delphi Banquet Facilities in Niagara Falls, ON. Although the prior day had been a balmy 22 degrees, it was very cold and windy out on wedding day. Not that this mattered. There was enough love and merriment inside to warm and brighten even the dullest, coldest of days. 

The brides looked beautiful and I was tearing up so much during the ceremony I could barely take pictures or videos (but, not to worry, I managed to capture plenty between happy sobs.)

Later, guests joined the newlyweds for their reception, which included a musical medley featuring Rhonda, Sharon and their bridal party, a delicious dinner and a rockin' dance featuring DJ Shannon Unrau. 

Unlike some weddings, all the events of the evening ran in a timely manner without any glitches. At 9pm they opened the 'Candy Bar' which I spent entirely too much time at. And if you were still hungry, pizza and cake were served a bit later (so much for dieting on this day.)

I want to once again thank Rhonda and Sharon for including Rob and I on their elite guest list. Congratulations and may you enjoy many many years of happiness.